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The Camp Aranzazu Experience

Camp Aranzazu is located in Rockport, Texas and offers therapeutic recreation-based programming for children and adults with special needs. Our quality programs and trained staff adapt all activities to create a fun, challenging group experience. Campers balance academic skill building with camping activities to regain confidence, relax, and have fun. General camping experiences teach children and adults with disabilities how they fit into society and how they can focus on what they can do, instead of what they cannot do.

Camp Aranzazu has served numerous partner groups in over 50 counties that include the Houston area, extending west to San Antonio and south to the southernmost tip of the state. This area alone includes 1.3 million people with disabilities and covers 45,300 square miles. We choose to keep our camp smaller in size so we can focus on providing individual attention and care to each group of campers. No other special needs camp of this type exists in South Texas.