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Who We Serve

Camp Aranzazu provides activities for groups that serve children and adults with special needs and chronic illnesses. Campers learn to use their natural ability to interact with others and take these lessons back to their daily lives long after camp has ended. For many, the school year takes a heavy toll on self-esteem. It can be important to balance academic skill-building with camping activities that help children regain confidence, relax and have fun, or explore exciting new pursuits. Camp is essential, especially to those with special needs, because it is typically the only opportunity they will have to interact safely in a program and facility that are uniquely designed for them. It is through these behavioral, mental, and emotional growth opportunities that we provide care for this medically underserved population in Rockport, Texas and its surrounding regions.

To sign up for a camp, you must apply directly to that camp. Camp Aranzazu is a host facility and does not enroll individual campers. Click here for a list of organization who come to Camp Aranzazu.